Dewey's Homepage

last updated 10/13/2007 (11 new pictures)

Hello, my name is Dewey and I am the cutest dog in the world. My owners also call me Mr. Bitey, Baby Ewok, and Pewey. I love to bite, especially man flesh. Sometimes I look just like an Ewok, and one of my owners speaks to me in Ewok. I often stink (thus my nickname Pewey), except for right after a bath. I like to eat cat poo. My owners take it away from me and scold me, but I sneak right back to the cat poo to get more. I really hate pepto bismol, it is quite rancid. When I am sick, my owners force me to drink it, so then I have a pink mouth. 

I am half maltese, three-eighths chihuahua, and one eighth poodle. My father is full maltese, and my mother is three fourths chihuahua and one fourth poodle.

Here I am on a car ride.


My parents gave me a really huge bone.


This is me in my bed.


Sometimes I sit upright on the couch.


My owners make me nap with them.


The couch is my favorite place to sit.


I don't quite know what to make of sour skittles.


Super Dewey!.


I am in mid howl.


My owners do very strange things sometimes.


Curled up under a chair.



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